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We built a second photovoltaic power plant

We built a second photovoltaic power plant

We are committed to the production of electricity from renewable sources.
The Navigator Company, following its commitment to energy efficiency and promotion of energy production from renewable energy sources, is building a photovoltaic solar power plant. The plant will power the operation in its Herdade de Espirra farm in Pegões, and is aimed at reducing its electricity bill at the property, where one of the largest nurseries in Europe is installed for the production of forest plants (with a capacity for 8 million plants/year) and agroforestry production.

“The production of electricity from renewable energy sources is one of the strategic axes of the Company’s energy efficiency corporate program,” says Frederico Pisco, the project’s development manager. Remember that in 2016, Navigator had already installed one of the largest photovoltaic solar power plants for self-consumption in Portugal. A power plant composed of 8,800 solar panels installed on the roof of the modern paper machine located in Setúbal produces part of the electrical energy it needs to operate.

The project’s technical and economic feasibility, together with the favorable solar conditions of the Pegões region, where the Herdade de Espirra farm is located, has led the Company to innovate once more in the way it produces energy. The new solar power plant at Herdade de Espirra will be made up of 352 solar photovoltaic panels mounted on a fixed structure, in an area of approximately 1,250 m2 and installed capacity of 112.6 KW.

“Photovoltaic solar energy is today a mature technology with competitive generation costs, and which responds to the Company’s technical, economic and sustainability concerns,” says Frederico Pisco.

This new solar photovoltaic power plant built for The Navigator Company’s own use will increase its capacity to produce renewable electricity with zero CO2 emissions, and reduce its power grid energy consumption costs.