Plantas Viveiros Aliança


Quality and Diversity. At Viveiros Aliança you can find a wide variety of plants.

In addition to Eucalyptus globulus clones, of which we are the world’s largest producer, we offer more than 30 species of forest plants, 130 ornamental plants, and 5 olive tree varieties. Their quality is the result of continuous investment in research and more than three decades of experience.

Forestry Plants

Looking for forest plants? We offer more than 30 species of forest plants.

From the Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree) to Oak trees, there is a wide variety to choose from at Viveiros Aliança.

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Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants make a difference in any interior or exterior environment, adding beauty and charm.

At Viveiros Aliança you will find 130 species of plants. If you find it difficult to choose, count on our team to help.


Olive Trees

At Viveiros Aliança you will find 5 olive tree varieties at your disposal.

If you are looking for quality and productivity then we have the plants you need. Our Ferreiras nurseries in Penamacor are especially equipped and dedicated to the production of olive trees, particularly Galician, thanks to the region’s rustic climate.

Viveiros Aliança Clones de Eucalipto

Eucalyptus Clones

Did you know that Viveiros Aliança are the world's largest producer of Eucalyptus globulus clonal plants?

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Need help choosing the right plant? Our specialists are at your disposal to help you choose the species best suited to your needs.

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